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Easter is coming! Candy Stain Removal Tricks and Tips!

With Easter just around the corner, we figured it would be great to share some quick candy stain removal tricks with you.  Most all candy stains will be handled the same, except for chocolate.  Chocolate stains will require some extra special attention because of its oil and dye based properties.  As with all stains, you will not want to dry the item until the stain is completely removed or you are convinced the stain will never come out.  Once an item is put through a dryer it will cause the stain to set in and will most likely never come out.   Also remember to test any cleaners/chemicals you are going to use on an inconspicuous area first before treating the stain and check for colorfastness, etc.


Chocolate Stains

  • Try to remove any excess chocolate by using a dull knife or a spoon.  Be careful not to spread or rub the chocolate into the clean parts of the clothing.

  • Rinse the item FROM THE BACK with cold water. Rinsing the back of the stained area will allow the stain to travel through the least amount of fabric possible.

  • Gently rub liquid detergent into the chocolate stain and then let sit for 5 minutes. Next, soak the clothing for 15 minutes in cold water, Every 3-5 minutes, rub the stained area between your fingers and thumb to loosen the stain. Rinse thoroughly. Continue until no more stain can be removed.

  • If an oily stain remains, try using a stain remover stick, gel, or spray. Wash normally.


You also may be interested in watching Tide’s video on chocolate removal!


Candy Stains

  • Pre-soak item in warm sudsy water for 30 minutes.  If cleaning carpet remove excess candy first with a dull knife or spoon and use a sponge to soak.
  • Wash garment in washing machine. 
  • If stain still persists, soak again for 30 minutes, adding a few drops of ammonia to the solution.
  • Next rinse, then soak item again in a solution of 1 quart warm water to one tablespoon of white vinegar for about an hour.  Rinse well. 
  • Blot Dry
If stain still persists:
  • Mix one teaspoon of a mild ph balanced detergent (a mild non alkaline non bleaching detergent) with a cup of lukewarm water
  • Blot
  • Mix one third cup of white household vinegar with two thirds cup of water
  • Blot.
  • Mix one teaspoon of a mild ph balanced detergent (a mild non alkaline non bleaching detergent) with a cup of lukewarm water
  • Blot
  • Sponge with clean water
  • Blot dry


We hope you find this information useful.  From all the Doctors and Nurses at Appliance Hospital, 

Happy Easter!




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